Last year was my first year as an exhibitor at CTNx. One of the things I learned is that I really wanted something better for my table this year. Last year I had a plethora of prints and it was a little overwhelming for people to look through and didn't prove to be very fruitful. I had a blast, but this year I would like to make a little money on top of all the good times.

I've been crazy busy getting ready for my kickstarter launch of "Monomyth" which is only a week away! Once things slowed down enough for me to breath, I realized I didn't have anything to take to CTN with me. Whoops! So I decided to put a book together. I figured that since drawing faces is my very favorite thing to do, a book made entirely of them wasn't an altogether terrible idea.

There are over eighty pages in this sucker and I'm hoping people really like it. It was a lot of fun to put together. I don't often dig through my stuff and it was fun to find illustrations or characters that I had forgotten about.

#heads #characterdesign #sketches

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