"Monomyth" the Graphic Novel

Hi everyone!

First of all, I want to thank all of you who have supported "Monomyth" so far. Despite the unsuccessful campaign last year, I've been working hard to bring this project to life. Unfortunately, animation is expensive, a risky investment, and intangible, which makes it a hard thing to rally support for.

After considering all the options available for telling this story, I feel that a graphic novel is the best way to move forward from here. I was hesitant to go this route at first because I don't enjoy the process of drawing comics very much, and I could see myself becoming dispassionate for the story. Fortunately, there are plenty of talented artists out there who are willing and able to work in the comic book industry. I've been doing some recruiting and I have a great team of artists lined up to work on "Monomyth", the graphic novel!

I'm thrilled to announce that on September 26th I'll be launching a new Kickstarter campaign to fund volume one of the "Monomyth" epic. This will be a unique book featuring the work of over a dozen artists from around the world. In addition to the first part of the story, this book will feature concept art that has been done by myself and other artists, variant covers, and other surprises that I'm sure you'll love.

I absolutely love art books. I have a collection of them that takes up a good portion of the book shelf in my office, and I turn to them when I need inspiration. I wanted the "Monomyth" graphic novel to serve a similar purpose, so I've recruited artists whom I admire to contribute artwork to the story. Not only will you be able to finally get your hands on the story, but you'll be able to get it through the various unique, beautiful styles of some of my favorite artists from around the world.

Each week I'm going to be highlighting the work of one of the artists contributing to the book all the way up until just before the campaign begins. Today, I'm featuring the work of Olivia Margraf-Posta. Olivia is a talented character designer and concept artist who lives in Ohio, USA. As you'll see, she has a definite talent for character design, and she makes use of flowing, curving shapes and lines to beautiful results.

^ Olivia's initial sketches for Nibicus, one of the main characters in "Monomyth" ^

You can see more of Olivia's work on her website:

Thank you all for your support of "Monomyth"! It's been amazing to see the positive response to this project so far and I hope that you'll continue to be just as supportive from this moment on.

All the best,

Randy Bishop

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