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The Silver Well

Created by Randy Bishop

This is a story about VIVIANA KAPOOR and her little brother GEOFRI. When their parents are offered a job in the only place on the planet where magic exists, the Kapoor kids find that in addition to magic, the Isle of the Silver Well hides a history that’s as dark as it is dangerous. As a series of robberies kick off the chain of events that will cause history to repeat itself, Viviana must come face-to-face with who she really is. The problem is that without the expectations of others to meet, she doesn’t know who she is. Fortunately, Geofri is there to help her figure it out.

The Silver Well is a fantasy thriller with an intricate plot that ties up nicely at the end. I'm a sucker for stories that are packed with plot, where every detail matters and clues you get as you take the story in pay off in a big way. 

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